How can we help?

Who is the service provider.

How is my private information handled?

As for the treatment of sensible data, our company is certified in compliance with ISO:27001. In regards to the quality of the service, it is certified to ISO:9001, while also being certified in compliance with ISO:18295-1, a certification related to the quality and service requirements for contact centers. All of these guarantee our correct handling of the information (private information included) of all users who come into contact with our operators.

From where is the service provided?

All our operators answer from a single office in Italy and almost all of them are Italian citizens. We believe that, in order to offer the highest quality to our clients, it is important that operators work in ideal conditions with the most modern technological instruments. That is why we don’t use telework nor employ workers in precarious conditions or who are subjected to a high turnover rate.

How our work is managed.

Can you manage more than one number at the same time?

Yes, we can.

I already have a geographic telephone number. Can my secretary manage it?

Sure, we can manage a number which is already owned by you.

What if a customer doesn’t speak Italian?

Our secretaries can help a client in other languages too.

What happens if my clients call outside office hours?

They will hear a standard voicemail message or a customized one, if required.

Can I give specific instructions to my secretary?

Yes, all packages include this possibility.

Will the same secretary answer all calls?

We try to associate a restricted group of secretaries to one client as far as it is possible. In this way, it is possible to create continuity and familiarity in the context of the specific service. This allows  for confidentiality to develop in the relationships that will be forged with the final customers.

The available services.

Can the secretaries make calls?

Yes, all of our packages provide this option.

Can my secretary send and receive faxes?

Secretaries cannot send faxes, but can receive them.

Can I customize greeting/waiting/after-hours voicemail messages?

Yes, it is possible to customize the above-mentioned messages, with an added cost. Only Platinum packages already include this option by default.

Will my secretary answer during weekends also?

Yes, with the Platinum package, your secretary will answer 7 days a week.

Will my secretary be able to give other information to my clients?

Yes, all packages include this option.

Can I share my appointments schedule with my secretary?

Yes, all packages include the sharing of Google Calendar.

Can my secretary reply to SMS or Whatsapp messages?

No, secretaries cannot do that.

How to configure the services.

How can I activate call transfers?

You will find the explanation for the call transfer option in our website’s footer.

How long will it take for the service to become active?

The service will be activated within a maximum of  48 working hours.

Can I get a new phone number?

We can offer new VoIP, fax and toll free numbers.

How can I learn which appointments my secretary has set?

It is possible to check all the appointments that we have scheduled, through Google Calendar or our WebApp.

Can I decide which calls must always be directed to me?

Yes, our policies are agreed upon with the operative department before activating the service.

Costs management.

Are the prices on the website without VAT?

Yes, all prices are to be intended as being without VAT.

Should the fee for the packages be paid in advance?

Yes, the fee must be paid in advance: in the case of the paid-according-to-consumption tariff, it is required that the payment be in advance for all monthly fees. As for the fixed cost option, the fee has to be paid monthly.

Can I recede the contract whenever I want?

For Gold and Platinum packages, a 30 days advance notice is necessary, while for the Silver package no advance notice is necessary.

Do the packages renew automatically?

The renewal of Silver, Gold and Platinum options is to be considered automatic in accordance with  the signed contract’s stipulations.

Can I change my package?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade or downgrade the package  at any time.

What happens if, in the case of the fixed cost option, some minutes remain unused at the end of the month?

These minutes will be available to use during the following month.

What happens if, in the case of the fixed cost option, the available minutes end before the monthly renewal?

You can decide whether to renew the service in advance (by purchasing a recharge) or to suspend the service while waiting for the next automatic renewal in the period of time covered by the contract.