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No more bad surprises!

Try out our new WebApp: a reserved area to access via your computer, cell phone or tablet, which allows you to keep up to date on your service!
You can monitor how much you are spending, see who has tried to contact you, how many calls have you received and check the appointments that have been scheduled for you, in real time.
You can also modify your tariff plan, extend the hours of the service, update your customized messages and choose from many other options.
And there is more! You can use our dedicated chat, which allows you to be directly in touch with the secretary assigned to your service and to ask her to do activities for you.

Segreteria Remota® now also works with Hey Google.

If you activate Segreteria Remota on Hey Google you can talk with a professional secretary to stay updated on your service wherever you are and hands-free.

Don’t worry

Are you in the traffic and you want to call your Client to tell him that you will be late for the appointment? Do not fear, ask it to your Google Assistant.

Don’t get distracted.

Are you training at the gym and you want to check if your Client whose answer you were waiting for has tried to contact you? No need to lose focus, just ask Google Assistant.

Don’t be late.

Are you making preparations for an important dinner and you want to activate your service in the late evening too? Say no more, just ask it to your Google Assistant.

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