Segreteria Remota is the perfect integration of efficiency and modernity. It is a great alternative way to manage your secretariat activities all-around and it is a simple, functional, versatile and economic solution.

How it works.
Deviates calls from your office’s telephone or your personal phone.
All day 8 am to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday (with the option of extending the service to 24/7, public holidays included).
You choose the welcoming message, your secretaries’ presentations and the way your calls are handled.
We can forward you your calls, announcing who’s on the line and you will decide whether to answer or not.
Free management of your appointment calendar.

We call your client on your behalf and we help you with soliciting invoices or rescheduling appointments.

Real time email or SMS notification for the call that has been managed

Simple billing with different payment methods.

Web App to monitor the progress of your service in real time and to stay connected with your secretary Real time email or SMS notification for the call that has been managed.
What the service provides.
  • Calls management

    We answer incoming calls and make outgoing calls (e.g.: reminders for appointments). We send you a notice via mail or SMS in real time.
  • Purchasing numbers

    We offer you the option of buying new numbers: Voip numbers, toll-free numbers and fax numbers.
  • Dedicated web app

    We give you a dedicated WebApp, which monitors the state of your active service, calculates the expenses in real time and allows you to contact your secretary directly.
  • Customized voicemail recordings

    We have a professional speaker at our disposal, who records customized messages for welcoming, waiting and after-hours.
  • Calendar organization

    We manage your appointments through the sharing of your calendar, while following the instructions that are given to us.
  • 24h coverage

    Upon request, we can extend the hours covered by our service.
  • Google Assistant implementation

    We are the first and only ones to fuse the efficiency of a Remote Secretariat with the modernity of Artificial Intelligence; with us, it is possible to ask Google directly about the details of one’s service at each given time.
  • Other languages

    Upon request, we offer the service in other languages too.

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